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Author:  Joseph Clemens
E-mail:  drosera@drosera.com
Date:  10/22/2003 9:38:02 AM
Subject:  Re: Information
Message:  Tissue culture:
Other terms are used as well: my favorite is micropropagation.

Generally needs to start with the creation of an aseptic culture "in vitro" which means (under glass). This can be done with excised, living tissue of the selected subject plant which must be disinfested with any other organisms that may be associeated with it. Usually surface sterilization, though anti-fungal/anti-bacterial agents may be incorporated into the inital nutrient media as well, though care must be taken that they do more than just supress associated microorganisms. Usually the easiest way to initiate a sterile culture is to thoroughly surface-sterilize seed and then germinate it "in vitro".

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