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Author:  ali
E-mail:  anikbakhy@ut.ac.ir
Date:  7/13/2003 7:34:08 AM
Subject:  Re: A Good Medium?
Message:  Drosera spp.
including capensis, cistiflora, filiformis, spatulata, burkeana, binata, X'beleziana', X'Nagamoto', trinervia, peltata, regia

    * 7g/L agar
    * 20g/L sucrose
    * 20% MS macronutrients
    * 20% MS micronutrients
* 20% MS vitamins

10% bleach sterilisation - 10 mins

reculture in above after 4-6 weeks. I haven't found a Drosera sp. yet that doesn't root spontaneously and quickly. Easy to sterilise and mostly well tolerant of bleach.

A 6 week old D.filiformis cv.'California Sunset' -
about a dozen plantlets have formed on a 1cm inoculum,
which will be recultured in fresh flasks

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