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Author:  Joćo Roberto Gabbardo
E-mail:  jrgabbardo@cpovo.net
Date:  6/25/2003 7:15:42 PM
Subject:  Good sprouting ratio
Message:  Hi to all,

Afvter get a good success with the Drosophyllum Lusitanicum I want share my experience with other growers. Mi first tries with this plant was not good, this time I got few seeds from a portuguese grower but some time ago I got one good quantity of seeds from 2 places, Algot and Monchique. I got 7 sprouts from 24 seeds, 12 of each place. The best rate was obtained from the seeds of Algot (6 sprouts), one sprout from Monchique unfortunatelly died, however the rate of succes was high considering the difficulty of grow this specie. The following technique was used: I rubbed the seeds using sandpaper to remove some of the hard coat, soaked they in distilled water for 3 days. The next step was fill 2 transparent pots, like food containers with pure damp vermiculite and put the seeds on the top. The pots was placed under lights with a photoperiod of 16 hours. In fact I made 2 tries of 12 seeds, the first try resulted in one sprout after a long time. When it happened I made a second try sowing other 12 seeds in the smae pots and got the other sprouts, by this way I canoot assure from why goup of seeds I got the best results, however I strongly suspect that the mass sprouting came from the second try. I also suspect that 2 other things played important part in the success. Before the first try I stored the remaining seeds in the fridge, and sowed them in early autumn by coincidence(in the south hemisphere because I live in Brazil), so the seeds suffered stratification and was sowed in the right season.
I hope my experience can help another growers.

Best regards,

João Roberto

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 Good sprouting ratio by João Roberto Gabbardo  at 6/25/2003 7:15:42 PM

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