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Author:  sam sarrha
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/30/2003 1:01:55 PM
Subject:  Adjusting New Terrarium
Message:  hello all, i just set up my fist terearium in many years, i am new to growing CP's, but was a mychologist/bacteriologist. i used a 12x12x30 aquerium with three 24 inch floresent tubes, 3.5 inchs from the plants. the temp runs 84 to 87 with an outside ambient of around 76, the wood cover hasholes   1" and 3/4" to adjust the ventalation to keep the humidity [its real dry here] up but supply fresh air to prevent mold. i have a ping warm temperate [primuliflora], vft's [dente,and green lash like teeth] and subtropical dews, [patulata and aliciae], what temp is best? and light cycle. i am planning to isolate the tubes with flexble clear plastic and vent the heat out holes in the cover. i'll get back if that works, i have already rewired the ballests from the lights tothe top of cover because they run over 120 degrees. well thanks for any help you can give and i will keep in touch...........sam

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