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Author:  gary
E-mail:  gcombs66@elp.rr.com
Date:  5/23/2003 9:07:55 AM
Subject:  Re: Slime mold in growing seedling medium
Message:  hi, slime molds are about as interesting as cp's, if you place some oatmeal on a card and track a sent trail to the slime mold it might traverse to the meal. they are individual amoeboids, that under certian conditions form biomasses that can traverse great distances. usually when the food is gone. all the cells in a biomass will divide at the same time, they are being used to study cancer, at least back when was a biologist. if you are near a college or Uni' call the botany or biology dept. they might be of great help , but slime molds only eat decaying matter, they are a fungus technically, but there is debate about being animal too, they can move fairly rapidly when they do move, ...gary

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