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Author:  cupid
E-mail:  hj@clonep.com
Date:  2/7/2006 8:45:36 PM
Subject:  Re: Lower cost than tissue culture
Message:  Welcome to Clone Plant Web!
TERNPC is a mature rapid plant propagating technique. The effect is much better than tissue culture and any other conventional propagating means. As a new propagating method, TERNPC has been put into operation for 17 years. More than 550 kinds of plants have been successfully multiplied. And this number is increasing every year by 50. There are now over 30 affiliated companies in production. More and more people will come to know its value!
If you want to know this technique in detail, Please go to the website: www.clone-p.com/english
Email: xlt@clonep.com
    I declare that kind of technique is so miraculous, when I found them on internet. We can research them together!
    Best regards!       cloneseedling

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