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Author:  mikney
E-mail:  clone@126.com
Date:  1/21/2008 6:22:38 PM
Subject:  The ideal tree for raw materials of bio diesel oil

The ideal tree for raw materials of bio diesel oil
--- Tatarian Dogwood
Tatarian Dogwood (Cornus alba) belongs to the Cornaceae - Dogwood Family. Tatarian Dogwood is native to Siberia in Russian, Korean peninsula, and northeast and northwest part of China. It is always living in the place with altitude about 600-2700 meters; it is always growing in the hills or among the streamlets.
Tatarian Dogwood is medium-sized deciduous shrub, about 3 meters maturity, with upright stems. Its Colorful stem exhibits the best red color in winter when juvenile. Trunk turns to dark red which juvenile stem appears to be red.Leaves are medium to dark green, opposite, elliptical, with an acute tip, and with the major leaf veins parallel to the curving leaf margins Leaves color is green, chartreuse, or greenish-purple and not showy. Miniature white flowers are arranged into flat-topped inflorescences, the initial flowering is in late May and early June, appearing after full foliage development. Fruits are creamy white, sometimes tinged with blue, terminal clusters of fruits mature from August through October. There are lots of variations of Tatarian Dogwood such as: cv. Argenteo Marginata, cv.Gouchaultii, cv.Spaethii, etc. Tatarian Dogwood is ornamental shrub for colorful stem interest. For gardening it is always planted on the lawns. Tatarian Dogwood likes full sun to partial shade and prefers evenly moist, well-drained soils in full sun, but is adaptable to many conditions, including wet soils, dry soils, poor soils, compacted soils, and soils of various pH. It can grow very well in the fertile soil.

Tatarian Dogwood has glorious future in the city gardening. In the summer its flower is white and the leaves is green, in the autumn leaves turn to red and the fruit is whit, after the defoliation, stems turn to shining red. It is a beautiful ornamental plant for stems. It is suitable to be planted on the lawns in the garden, or planted in front of evergreen trees. Because of its tolerating wetness it also can be grown by the side of water. In addition, after the snowing, the red color stem can match the white snow very well, it is a beautiful plant for the place where will be snowing in the winter. Further more Tatarian Dogwood can be used as medicines; its bark has the function for detoxification and treating diarrhea.
It is researched that Tatarian Dogwood is also a very good raw materials for bio diesel oil, its seeds contain 30% oil, and the saponification number is 199.0mgKOH/g, there is 188.6g iodine in 100g oil. Its oil contains: little nutmeg acid, kittul acid 28.2%, stearic acid 0.9%, oleic acid 14.0%, sub oleic acid 41.1%, flax acid 10.1%,etc.Although Tatarian Dogwood has a very bright future for producing bio diesel oil, using the traditional ways for the propagation of Tatarian Dogwood will need long time, If we using TERNPC for the rapid propagation, this problem will be solved. For TERNPC, it is only needs one piece of leaves or one bud as the propagation units, inoculating directly to nutritive containers, or to the simply processed fields. It will save a lot of explants, say about 3-8 times less than usual way of nursing seedlings. Form the inoculation it will be rooting with in 15 days. TERNPC will make the seedlings increasing in geometric series; every new generation will be produced with in 30-50 days, and compare to the last generation, the number of seedlings of new generation will increase 4-6 times. And the surviving rate of seedlings is 85%-100%, the seedlings are thriving, there is no variation among seedlings, flowering and fruiting will be earlier than the common way reproduced ones. It is the real high efficiency plant rapid propagation.

Tatarian Dogwood can grow rapidly, tolerate the salty and wetness, the stems are nice-looking.In order to improve the bio diesel oil industry of China, we need to increase the step of building up the producing base for the woody oil plants such as Tatarian Dogwood. It is not only suitable for our government policy, improving the sustainable development of economy, it is also important for improving the environmental conditions and solving the problem of energy shortage.


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